The Missoula Rotary Foundation

The Missoula Rotary Foundation, founded in 2000, serves as the charitable arm of all Missoula Rotary Clubs, making donations to causes funded through the Foundation but supported by any or all of the clubs tax deductible.  I stand separate from the Rotary International Foundation in that its purpose is purely to support eleemosynary causes in the Missoula area  and international efforts of the Missoula Rotary Clubs by helping leverage their projects through matching grants from the Rotary International Foundation.

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors, all Rotarians, but completely independent from the boards of the Missoula Area Clubs. The current board consist of the Following  individuals:

At present the board supports scholarships for high school seniors, nominated by area high school guidance counselors, and who wish to pursue a post secondary degree, enter an apprenticeship or simply follow a career path requiring training  beyond high school .  In addition its RH “Ty” Robinson Endowment funds a scholarship available to high school seniors or incoming freshman law students wishing to attend the University of MontanaThese scholarship honor two of Missoula’s most revered and dedicated Rotarians:  Jean Bowman and RH Ty Robinson.  For information about these scholarships, please contact a guidance counselor at any Missoula area high school or the University of Montana Law School Admissions office.